Fish fry | Crispy and spicy masala fish recipe

Fish fry is a common dish at home. When we frying fish, it will stick to the pan, fall apart, or break the skin.So, how should we cook the fish that many of us love so much and how should each fish be cooked? We compiled this information from experts.If you follow complete steps, you can make crispy, tender and perfect fried fish for your lovers.


Fish fry | Crispy and spicy masala fish recipe

    Fish fry

      The recipe for fried fish itself can be contained in one line: roll fish pieces in flour and shallow fry in oil. But I want to talk about something that usually goes beyond the scope of a recipe: how to properly fry fish and what you need to do before and during the cooking process, so the fish turns out “crispy, tender, but not falling apart inside, covered with a crispy crust that does not overpower the taste of the fish itself

    Which fish should be cooked for frying?

    Not every fish is appropriate for frying. For example, the vast majority of varieties of sea fish are not suitable in this case. This can be explained by the fact that most fish have low-fat flesh, which when fried turns tasteless and dry. It is better to use river fish for frying, carp, bream, roach, tench, lamprey, eel, and navaga are also suitable for frying but don't worry you can make this recipe with the ability of a fish.

    Benefits of Fish

    Fish contains A, D, E, B2, B12, B3, selenium, calcium, phosphorus, and folic acid in its structure. It is incredibly rich in protein. It has been observed that it is curative in the treatment of asthma. Provides control of blood pressure. It works on the elements of the mind. It helps to defend against Alzheimer's. It helps to manage the level of cholesterol. It is wealthy in cell reinforcements.

     How to make Fish fry

    There are various ways to cook it, such as grilled fish, steamed, paper kebab, oven-baked, and stew. Anchovies caught during the winter months are salted and preserved.

     Its best period is from September to the end of January when it spawns. During this period, you can make kabab, chops, and steaks, it will be very delicious to eat. Here is a crispy and spicy masala fish fry recipe, you can make it perfectly, and easily at home.

    •  60 minutes total, Preparation:15 minutes, Cooking:15 minutes, Resting time:30 minutes,
    •  Servings: 5-6 Persons
    • Calories: 320 calories
    •  Cuisine: Indian & Pakistani

    Ingredients to prepare Fish fry

    •  1 kg fish (6 to 8 fish fillets)
    •  3 tablespoons lemon juice 
    •  Salt and black pepper to taste
    • 2 tablespoons crushed coriander
    • 2 tablespoons crushed cumin
    • 1 teaspoon gram masala powder
    • 1 teaspoon paprika
    • 1/2 teaspoon ajwain (carom seeds)
    • 1/2 teaspoon garlic powder
    • 1/2 teaspoon onion powder
    •  1/2 cup of gram flour
    •  Oil for frying
    • Lemon wedges and green chutney for serving (optional)

     Cooking method(how to fry fish correctly)


    First step of  Fry Fish is preparation before cooking, the fish must be gutted, scaled and the fins and tail cut off. To remove mucus from fish, you need to thoroughly wipe it with salt and then rinse it, and pat dry them with paper towels.

    After that cut the fish into pieces no thicker than 3 cm, in 1 kg fish,I got 6 pieces.

    Fish fry | Crispy and spicy masala fish recipe


    • Since the top layer of a thick piece may be overcooked before it is all ready. Small fish are fried whole. To make the fish tastier and not fall apart, 
    •   Many people do not like river fish because of its specific “swamp” smell. However, it is very easy to get rid of. To do this, sliced fish should be soaked 20 minutes before frying in milk mixed with salt and pepper (1/4 cup milk, ½ teaspoon salt). Milk will eliminate the unpleasant odor and make the meat soft and tender. Fish soaked in salt will not fall apart when fried.
    • After soaking the fish in milk, place it in a colander, let the milk drain and blot each piece with a paper napkin to remove excess liquid and don’t salt the fish anymore, because for me it is saturated with salt in sufficient quantities, so the amount of salt is not for everyone.



     The next stage is marination. Season the fish with a small amount of salt and pepper on both sides, squeeze lemon juice, and marinate it on both sides.

    Now add crushed coriander, crushed cumin, gram masala powder, paprika, ajwain seeds, garlic powder, and onion powder. Coat all ingredients on both sides of the fish.



    The next step is coating, for this you can make a better of gram flour. In a shallow dish take gram flour and add 3 to 4 tablespoon of water and mix it. Make a thick better for coating. 

    Roll the fish fillet in this better, ensuring it's evenly coated. Press the flour mixture onto the fish to make it stick. if you have a time, rest the fish for half an hour.

    you can also use all-purpose flour rather then gram flour. I don’t recommend rolling it in breadcrumbs, breadcrumbs greatly interrupt the taste of the fish.

    Fish fry | Crispy and spicy masala fish recipe


    Next, I take a frying pan and put it on the fire. It is best to fry fish in a cast iron skillet, which heats evenly. But if you don’t have one, you can use regular Teflon.  

    The frying pan needs to be heated up, put in the oil, and then the fish. You need so much oil that the fish is half immersed in it. You shouldn’t be afraid of this amount of oil - the fish won’t absorb the excess, but it will be covered with a tasty crust and fried evenly. 

    Heat the oil until you see white smoke coming out from the oil., then turn off the heat and let the oil temperature drop to 30%. This is called a "hot pan". Then add the fish, turn on the heat again, and fry over medium-low heat. Be cautious don't overcrowd the pan, you may need to fry them in batches.

    Pour the oil onto the fish head and tail so that the fish is heated evenly when frying. When one side is fried until golden, turn it over and continue frying for 5 minutes. If you see the fish shaking easily when you shake the pan, the fish is finished. In this way, the fish will not stick to the pan easily when frying, and the skin of the fish will not break easily.

    •  It is necessary to fry until a golden crust forms. To ensure a crispy crust, do not cover the pan with a lid. In the first 5-8 minutes (depending on the intensity of the fire), do not touch the fish or try to turn it over.Frying will take 10-15 minutes.


    Fish fry | Crispy and spicy masala fish recipe


     That's it, the fried fish is ready. Can be served it hot. Believe me, fish prepared according to these rules will be very tasty and tender.

    You can also served fish with green chutney and naan or chapati.

    Fish fry | Crispy and spicy masala fish recipe


    Is it better to use frozen or fresh fish?

    For better flavor and texture, I generally preferred to use fresh fish, but high quality frozen fish can also work well, just be sure that before frying the fish you can pat dry them completely and fully thaw it.

    What is the ideal cooking time for fish frying?

    Cooking time will depends on the thickness of the fish fillet or pieces, the type of the fish you are using, and the temperature of the oil, Generally fish fillet will cook in 3 to 5 minutes per side and cook till they terns in golden brown color and crust from outside. It is necessary to avoid overcrowding the pan which can cause lower the temperature of the oil and result in soggy fish.

    How to recognize and buy fresh fish ?

    Here are some tips that help you to recognize and buy fresh fish. Fresh fish eyes are slightly convex and transparent, it looks clear not cloudy. The gills are bright red and clear. The scales are intact and not easy to fall off. The fish meet is firm and elastic to the touch and the flash and bones are not separated.. The freshness of the fish also recognize by smelling it. Fresh fish has a slightly smell, and choose one with less strongest smell. Try to judge based on the vertical tail angle of the fish, try to select fish with a small vertical tail angle.


     Enjoy your home made fish fry. If you can make this recipe by follow these steps, you can make a perfect, tasty and crispy fried fish. You can adjust seasoning and spices according to your taste, GOOD LUCK! For more recipes you can visit Food Diariees.


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